The Piri Reis map

The Piri Reis map is an old map, discovered in 1929 during the restoration of Topkapı Palace in Istanbul. It is conferred upon admiral and cartographer of the ottoman Piri Reis who had tracee in 1513. Dessinee on a skin of a gazelle, she detailed western coast of Africa and the coasts of eastern South America. One of the features of this map is the figuration in detail of a dimension connected to the area southern of theSouth America, some people say that it looks like it has the rating of theAntarctica, the continent which was discovered officially in 1818. This interpretation is supported by Charles Hapgood, professor of american history of science, in his book Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings. Some authors consider the map as a  » OOPArt « , believing that it was done 300 years before the discovery of Antarctica, and that it shows the rating as it exists under the ice (which would feed back information to 10,000 years)


Elements of reflection on the questions without answer :


  • The island of Marajo at the mouth of the Amazon was discovered in 1543.
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  • The Falkland islands will not be discovered in 1592.
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  • The Andes are represented, they are not yet known.
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  • The Llama, mammals typical of the south America, is painted on the Andes, it has been identifies in 1598 by the Spanish.
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  • The large islands above the equator, unknown, correspond to the high-submarine plateaus of the islands St Peter and St Paul, on the Great Ridge of the Atlantic ocean ( have no soupconnait existence).
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  • You see the ratings of the Antarctic, which will be discovered only in 1818 or 300 years later.
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  • south America is linked to the Antarctic by an isthmus which has gone in 10,000 years.
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